By Misplaced

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Genres: challenge dark drama

Keywords: Mirror Universe

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A/N: This is just a little side drabble. No other story in the series needs to be read in order to enjoy this nibblette. This was in response to the challenge word: invincible.


Reed stalked into the office as soon as the door opened. Half of his face was covered with a fresh, pink skin. It was obvious that there would be scarring, but not as severe as Tucker's. He crossed the room and knelt at Hoshi's feet, taking her hand into both of his.

"My Empress," he demurred. He gave her a smoldering look before kissing her hand sensuously.

"Major," she said, enjoying the tingle that his touch brought. "However did you survive that horrible explosion?"

He grinned, baring his teeth like a feral predator. "I am invincible."




I see the ladies can't resist a scoundrel, and I agree that this MU Reed seems to have a lot more character than his RU counterpart, but the 'I am invincible' line always makes me think of the geek in Goldeneye immediately before he is doused in liquid Nitrogen. I can't help chuckling at the thought, sorry!


I LOVE THIS LOVE THIS LOVE THIS.  I'm a huge Sato/Reed fan and this is great.  :D  More please.


Why do vicious bastards attract us so much, LOL.

Mistress Euclid

Absolutley, wickely delicious, darling! Your MU Reed is a delight.


I'm with Brandyjane "Feral Reed" is smokin! I know its disturbing to find such a psycho attractive but I can't help it. I love this line... He grinned, baring his teeth like a feral predator. $10 bucks says Micheal Westin's "shark smile" inspires that.


I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Your feral Reed scares the hell out of me.

MU Reed in any incarnation is terrifying to me!

See you creeped me out in a hundred words.


He grinned, baring his teeth like a feral predator. "I am invincible." - I love it!  (Is it wrong that I find psycho MU Reed far sexier than RU Reed?) 

This scene is perfect exactly like it is, so I agree with Honeybee that less is more, while at exactly the same time I agree with WarpGirl that I want more!


It's Wonderful like Honeybee says. But I am not a less is more person in this instance, more is more. And the thought of you taking on an R/S story in the MU would rock my galaxy. However, I realize you are swamped and that might be unlikely. I must say this is spine tingling! In a good way... My spine actually is twinging in a painful way right now, so this makes me feel happier at least for a few minutes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!:D


Utterly intense! Really sexy. Definitely a less is more fic!

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