Seal the Deal

By Bluetiger

Rating: G

Genres: challenge romance

Keywords: marriage

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Disclaimer: I don't own Trek, no profit made.

This drabble was written for a challenge on a general board. The word prompt was Emerald.

Trip nervously fiddled with the velvet box in his pocket, waiting for T'Pol to arrive.

The door opened, his mate entering.

Trip dropped to one knee and held out the box, "T'Pol, I know that you proposed to me, but this is a human custom we use to seal the deal. Will you wear my grandmother's ring?"

"Vulcan's also occasionally wear a ring to signify a betrothal but only a very rare gem called a blood stone. However, I will be honored to wear your foremother's ring."

Looking in the box at the emerald ring, T'Pol gasped, "A blood stone."


Mistress Euclid

Utterly romantic. Sweet and charming. :)




Yes, cool twist. :p


** sigh **


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)


Like Silverbullet, I had forgotten about the colour of her blood just long enough to be surprised when the emerald was revealed. There's so much difference between their cultures, it's nice to think that some things work themselves out perfectly. Nicely done, with not a word wasted.


Cool!  I like the twist!


Got me. I thought that Trip might have a Ruby or a diamond. Emerald neer entered my head. Great twist. Actually it fits very well. I  also forgot that T'Pol's blood is green. 


This is so nice. A great scene in only a few words. Wonderful.


That's the Egg of Columbus, but one must think it.


Love, love, love it! :) Love the fact that diamonds are not the only engagment stones anymore. Love the whole Vulcan blood stone/Emerald twist. Great job.

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