Plomeek Broth for the Chief Engineer's Soul

By Aquarius

Rating: PG

Genres: challenge fluff humour romance

Keywords: challenge

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I don't own Enterprise or the characters. I didn't make any money for this. Please don't sue me.

A/N:  A little drabble I cooked up at a contest elsewhere. My prompt was "SOUP".

"You eat that every mornin'," he observed from across the table.

"Plomeek broth contains all the nutrition I require until the midday meal."

"Yeah," he said between mouthfuls of biscuits and red-eye gravy, "but it's not very interesting."

"'Interesting' at breakfast often results in unfortunate changes to one's physique," she returned dryly.

"You could always try some oatmeal or somethin'. 'Sides," he grinned, "variety's the spice of life."

She gave him the ubiquitous eyebrow. "I was under the impression that usually applied to our recent sexual encounters."

"Eat your soup, darlin'."




It's probably ironic, or something, that out of all the bizarre and wonderful things happening in this imaginary universe I'm thrown by something so real and mundane. I had no idea that coffee and gravy went together like this. I have no idea what it's like but thanks for broadening my horizons, just a little. At least I'll know what it is, if I'm ever offered some! :D


Thought that "Red Eye" came from the bacon bits that is in the  Gravy. "How many Biscuits?" "gimme three"


Biscuits and red-eye gravy is a common Southern dish. And because of the key ingredient that gives you a case of "red-eye," it's commonly eaten at breakfast time:


I enjoyed t'Pol's sly teasing and Trip's mock rebuke in response. Now you just hush and get on with your soup.

I'm puzzled though - what the heck is "biscuits and red-eye gravy"? Is that something people really eat for breakfast?

Short and sweet - I enjoyed it. :D


As long as T'Pol is up for a little variety in other aspects of their life, I imagine Trip is just fine with her breakfast choice ;)


Now that a good breakfast conversation. :D


"Eat your soup" is a good answer!  Around here it is "shut up and eat your fry bread".  Of course here we have that interesting change to the physique, LOL. :s




"Eat your soup, darlin'." - he begins to show some intelligence. Very funny!




Pass the Broth.


Awwww. . .cute. And sexy. T'Pol's sassy, too.

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