Do You Want Fries With That?

By Honeybee

Rating: G

Genres: challenge humour

Keywords: challenge

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Disclaimer: Trek doesn't belong to me. For fun, not profit.

A first season drabble written in response to a challenge on a general board.  The word prompt was: Ketchup.



"Disgusting," said Malcolm, eying Trip's plate of fries.

"I thought the Brits invented chips, as you call 'em," replied Trip.

"We perfected them," said Malcolm, "with vinegar and batter fried cod. Ketchup ruins them."

Trip dipped one of his fries into ketchup, eating it deliberately. Chef knew just how to make french fries, American style.

Malcolm retrieved a bottle vinegar from the salad bar, pouring the stuff over his fries. Trip made a face just as T'Pol appeared. She examined both men's plates.

"The English eat their fries with small forks, don't they? Very civilized."

Malcolm smiled, smugly. "I agree."



Mmmmmm......I do like the brown gravy (and some ketchup on the side), but I really like BBQ sauce and melted cheese with mine too...;) :p


Sorry, but the Irishman in me screams for curry sauce with my fries...


Very funny!:D


Having lived so close to the Canadian border, I'd have to say the "proper" way to eat them is with gravy and cheese! :p


Well, T'Pol can eat them with knife, fork, tongs, or a out of Trip's hand, but ketchup is the way to go!:p


Panyasan (sp) When in Holland we used to have Fries with Mayonaise. However, what we really loved was Poffertjes (sp) Ate them by the Bag. Sinful as Hell. Can't any more unfortunately.



T'Pol, both Trip and T'Pol are eating their fries wrong. You should eat fries with loads of mayonaise. With a small fork. Funny, sweet and not a word to much. Great stuff.


Cute.  I didn't know that the English used small forks with fries, LOL. :p


I was an unrepentent American. I always stopped the server when the Viengar bottle came out. "got any Ketchup?" got a nasty look for that.

I also managed to wipe out a bar or two. English love their Lager and Lime. Me I  served in Alaska where the national drink was Beer and Tomato Juice. go in to a bar in Anchorage there would be a stack of small tins of Tomato Juice. Person would order a Beer and open one of the tins, pour in the juice  and drink.

so, I would order a Lager and a glass of Tomato Juice. I would proceed to  pour the Juice in the Lager and watch the English run out of the door  holding thier mouths.



Little forks FTW!!! :p I loved this. Plus it made me miss England!!! Good job, sister.


LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man! Okay I'm just laughing so hard. I admit I enjoy fries or "chips" both ways. But T'Pol was priceless. I'm laughing again! LOL

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