Christening - Mission II

By Kotik

Rating: PG-13

Genres: general missing scene


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Author's Note:  I was surprised that none of the readers of "Words" (all two of them) noticed that Enterprise shouldn't have been able to slingshot T'Pol's shuttle, as the inertial dampers and the artificial gravity should have prevented it. Well, this explains it (hopefully)

We start 24h after the events of 'Christening'

"Checkmate," T'Pol announced. "Permission to display insufferable, self-congratulatory behavior?"

"Granted," Trip nodded with a laugh. "You really showed me up today. Let me guess, you did your homework and brushed up on chess, using the database."

"Indeed. Between the end of the shift and now, I was able to study the works of Kasparov, Karpov, Spasski and other historic players. You minimized your chances because you were  late, thus giving me time to gain a competitive advantage."

"Well thank Jupiter Station for that. We go in for some enhancements and they give me the engine back, broken."

"Speaking of broken, you did give me your word that your team would repair the broken ceiling lightening."

"And they will, as soon as the engine's running smooth again. We almost lost two injectors today. I don't think we're gonna get anyone to believe that the broken lamps in our quarters are any priority. We're lucky enough that the captain didn't catch on to our grav-plating test."

"He tends to accept my scientific reports without too much questioning. I laced it with several complicated words in the hope to 'throw him off'."

"You are one mean little minx, darlin'," Trip laughed, but winced when he moved too suddenly.

"Is your back still in pain?"

"Well, you're not too heavy, but holding you up on my arms all the time, while christening that wall, might have been a tad too much for this human."

"Then please disrobe."

"Ya wanna fight the pain with the same activity that caused it in the first place?"

"I am talking about neuropressure. I am in no condition to be... 'christening' anything tonight. I experienced substantial difficulties walking in a dignified manner all day. A most inconveniently positioned body part is showing signs of excessive friction."

"I'm afraid that's nothing that can be cured by neuropressure," Trip chuckled while getting rid of his T-Shirt. "Maybe that balm 'o yours could help."

"I would need assistance applying it and your restraint would not exceed 10 seconds while trying to do so."

"Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem," he laughed and laid down on her meditation cushions. "Damn, they are still damp."

"As I recall, I strongly advised against 'christening' them without sufficiently drying ourselves beforehand."

"Well we're back at the 10-seconds-of-restraint dilemma. You, naked in the shower and within reach of my hands - we'd hardly make 5 seconds."


"Don't go all head-teacher on me, madam. It's not like you could restrain yourself much longer, when we tackled your desk," Trip recalled with a giggle.

"Restraint is difficult when you propose to 'bend me over the next piece of furniture to give me a damn good seeing-to'," T'Pol claimed innocently, while applying the pressure to his neural nodes.

"So you like it when I talk dirty?" he countered, laughing.

"In a state of arousal, it can be most... stimulating."

Their banter was interrupted by the door-chime.

"Come in."

"Uh, am I interrupting something?" Archer asked, seeing that his first officer had tackled the chief-engineer, giving him what looked like the mother of all back-rubs.

"No," T'Pol replied coolly. "Commander Tucker sprained a few muscles during our test yesterday. I am trying to alleviate his discomfort using neuropressure."

"Beats Phlox's repertoire any day," Trip sighed with pleasure.

"I'm actually here because of your test yesterday," Archer continued, waving a PADD. "If I understand your report correctly T'Pol, with Trips proposed modifications, we would be able to reduce or even suppress the effects of the inertial dampers and the grav-plating in one or more rooms, while keeping them effective on the rest of the ship?"

"In essence, yes."

"We should try that on your quarters. Let's see Porthos floating around in Zero-G," Trip quipped.

"Don't you dare," Archer laughed and turned to go, but stopped short of the door.

"One question though, T'Pol: why did we need to flip Enterprise upside-down for the test?"




Days later I'm still chuckling at the thought of T'Pol turning the whole ship upside down, with all the chaos and mayhem involved, just so that she can christen the ceiling in her quarters. It makes 'sex on the warp core' look distinctly tame and conventional in comparison. Hilarious!


Okay, this is too funny. T'Pol's lines are hilarious seeing her speak them dead-pan. Still Laughing.Archer was  so right in his accusation of ssorts. He knew the test was not a true test and pegged the inverted position. Cute not naive. These are hoot , keep them coming for the days I need a pick-me-up


This is really funny!  These were my two favorite lines:

"Checkmate," T'Pol announced. "Permission to display insufferable, self-congratulatory behavior?"


"He tends to accept my scientific reports without too much questioning. I laced it with several complicated words in the hope to 'throw him off'."



Ha ha ha, I was imaging all sorts of solutions to the 'ceiling' conundrum but I didn't think of simply flipping the whole ship upside down! (I assume that means reversing polarity on the grav plating or some such.)


BTW I didn't have any problem with the Words 'slingshot' because I've always assumed they had separate inertial damper/grav controls for the shuttle bay since they have big heavy shuttle pods slamming in and out - I assume they'd need some sort of arrester system and localised inertial damper fields seem like a nice engineering solution. I don't know if I count as one of the "two" (yeah, right!:D) readers but I'm certainly enjoying the story.


Anyway, back to Christening, loved T'Pol asking "permission to be smug". Obviously adopting quite a few of Trip's manerisms here which is very cute to see. And I see neither of them are bothering to deny the "five seconds of restraint" accusation. And dammit all, doesn't Archer always seem to crop up at the worst time? :p




Nice, although I couldn't decide if Archer is too cute or too naive... :)

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