Midnight Confessions

By panyasan

Rating: G

Genres: angst challenge romance


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Warped in cold, satin sheets
Moisture on my warm skin
I twisted and turn
Sleep doesn't come

Midnight confessions
Whispers of the night
Fueling flames of passion
Desires of love shared

Doubt that he accepts
Fear that he rejects
Ice I most become
Lies for breakfast

Night has come again
I long for strong arms
holding me in embrace
words spoken in truth

I set my feet on the cold ground
I walk toward the door
The sheets embracing me back
twist and turn, sleep doesn't come.



And somewhere not so far away, someone else is likely twisting and turning, not sleeping, thinking she doesn't care at all...smetimes, all I can do is sigh, and wish they'd both just really GET each other..,

'Ice I most become'.

That's a powerful statement, from a desert-dweller. Potent.


"Lies for breakfast" is also my favorite line in this poem. Contrasts nicely with the longing for "words spoken in truth".  And the first line "wraped in cold satin sheets" is a nice metaphor for T'Pol's cultural restrictions.  


This is indeed very moving . I have no gift for poetry and great admiration for those that do.


I am glad I am not the only one who loves to write poems. And this one is wonderful, Panyasan. :D


Love this response to the June prompt! Excellent phrasing with "Lies for breakfast" (probably my favorite line!) and "The sheets embracing me back." I have a hard time with poetry because I usually feel so removed from it, but this piece really puts us there, we really understand the experience.

Thank you for letting me archive this!

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