Missing Scenes from Season Two: Horizon

By Alelou

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SPOILERS: "Horizon"

DISCLAIMER: Star Trek belongs to CBS/Paramount.  "Horizon" was written by André Bormanis.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Seems to me that in reacting to this episode most TnT fanfic writers fixate on the fact that Archer stepped in where Trip failed and asked T'Pol on a "date" to movie night.  Sometimes they work themselves into a big angsty froth about it.  After rewatching it, though, I thought it was pretty clear that Trip and Archer were tag-teaming on that little project (though I could definitely imagine Trip coming up with the idea originally).  I was instead intrigued by the odd little beat between Trip and T'Pol earlier in the episode when she tells him he'll have time to practice his harmonica.  To me this suggested  that they had had an earlier conversation on the topic...

Thank you as always, reviewers and beta jT.


Sub-Commander T'Pol stood outside the Commander's quarters and listened to the strange wailing music coming from inside: he was playing his harmonica again. 

It was fairly late in the evening, and technically the commander was off-duty, but he had never objected to being interrupted on ship's business before. She buzzed.

The music stopped and after a moment he came to the door, looking a little surprised.  "Sub-Commander?"

"May I come in?"

He stood aside and let her walk into his cabin, which was neatly kept, as usual.  He was in casual clothing the Humans referred to as 'civvies' - in this case, a vividly red t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants.  She looked down at his bare feet, suddenly reminded of the time the ship had been captured by aliens and Commander Tucker had spent a fair amount of time dressed in nothing but his underwear. 

"Don't tell me, they smell," he said, and started towards his bed.  "I'll put some shoes on."

"There's no need for that, Commander."  In truth, she found his naked feet oddly endearing, though she dismissed that unseemly thought quickly and focused on her reason for seeing him:  "I wanted to consult with you about some science department needs for monitoring the geologic disturbances on the planet."

"Aren't we still two full days away?"

"I'd like to make sure we have enough time to fully test the monitoring system before we need it."

He bit his lip and nodded in that way he sometimes did when he was holding back comment.  Apparently he thought she was being unduly hasty, or perhaps rude in interrupting his off-duty time. "However, I can see that you are attempting to enjoy some leisure," she said.  "We can have this consultation tomorrow morning."  She headed for the door.

"Don't be silly, T'Pol.  What does your department need?"

She resisted the urge to insist that Vulcans are never silly, and instead outlined the data she wanted to collect from the planet.  He suggested possible solutions.  Together, they worked out the kind of equipment that would best solve the problem of how to closely monitor huge volcanic eruptions without endangering the ship: a series of thermal scanners and imaging relays. 

"How soon can you have them ready?" T'Pol asked.

Tucker stared down at the padd on which he'd been writing out specs.  "I'll shoot this req down right now and give the night shift a head start on it.  I would think we'd have everything ready to go late-morning tomorrow."  He typed in some commands, presumably for whoever was in Engineering, then looked up at her.  "Will that do?"

"Yes, it will do very well."

"Might as well get everything ready a couple of days early."

She noted the edge in his voice and said, "You think I am being unreasonably demanding."

"No, I'd say you're just being very, very efficient.  As always."  He smiled. 

He didn't appear too irritated with her.  Indeed, he seldom hid it successfully when he was.  "I apologize for interrupting your time off," she said.  "I know you were playing your harmonica."

"My neighbors were probably very grateful to you."

"It was an interesting tune."

"St. James Infirmary," he said.  "It's a classic old song about a guy whose girlfriend has died."  Much to her surprise, he began to sing in a strong, clear baritone, "I went down to St. James Infirmary / Saw my baby there / Set down on a long white table/ So sweet, so cold, so fair. / Let her go, let her go, God bless her, / Wherever she may be, / She can look this wide world over,/ She'll never find a sweet man like me."

She stared at him, a little taken aback by his sudden performance in this private setting , as opposed to the mess hall, where he had once led members of the crew in something they called "Christmas Carols."  She was also puzzled by the lyrics of his song.  "How could anyone expect a deceased woman to look all over the world for another man?"

He laughed.  "Nobody ever said the blues were logical.  I take it you're not familiar with the genre."

"No.  I have listened to some contemporary jazz."

"Yeah?" Tucker looked interested.  "What'd you think?"

"It was ... intriguing.  More complex than I had expected."

"Mmm," he said.  "A lot of contemporary jazz kind of leaves me cold, to tell you the truth.  Often, it's all about technical brilliance.  The blues, on the other hand - the tunes are pretty simple, and it's all about feelings: broken hearts, busted up lives, homesickness, general misery ..."  He grinned.  "It's probably about as non-Vulcan as you can get."

"Is that why you like it?"

He looked taken aback.  "Because it's not Vulcan?"

"Because it's about unhappiness," she said.  "Broken hearts.  You have, after all, made reference to a number of unsuccessful relationships." 

"Just three," Tucker said, looking a little disgruntled.  "I don't think that's a lot for a man my age.  And no, that's not why I like it.  Though I suppose maybe it does help me appreciate it more than I would otherwise."

"You have been playing this instrument more regularly since our encounter with the non-corporeal beings," she observed.

He gave her an oddly piercing look then, as if she were a malfunctioning engine and he was trying to diagnose her.  "Have I?"

"As you know, Vulcans have superior hearing," she said.  "When I am on the same deck it is hard to miss."

"Oh."  He looked a little embarrassed.  "Sorry.  Does it annoy you?"

"I have ear plugs if it becomes intrusive."

He smiled in what looked like pained amusement.   "I see.  Would you like to try it?" he asked.  "It's a pretty easy instrument to pick up."  He played a few notes and then held the instrument out to her.

"You share mouth instruments?" she asked, a little shocked.  That could clearly serve as a significant disease vector.

He flushed.  "I guess that is kind of gross, huh?  I could sterilize it for you.  Won't take a minute."

"There's no need, Commander," she said hastily.  "I doubt that I would ever be successful in playing 'the blues.'  I will leave you to it."

"They do say practice makes perfect.  Good night, Sub-Commander."

She left, and as she walked down the corridor she noticed that he had begun playing again.  This time, however, the tune he played was oddly jaunty.



Another great interaction - I could just see the look of utter shock on TPol's face when he suggested that they share "mouth instruments". Wow, it sounds so dirty now that I've taken it out of context!


That was great.  She literally made Trip change his tune.


I need to watch this one again because I want to mentally figure out where to place this in the episode... but I love it!  Nothing about this one I don't like :)  I see some potential future discussions/interactions/DATES! between Trip and T'Pol relating to her... "experience" with contemporary jazz :)


She looked down at his bare feet, suddenly reminded of the time the ship had been captured by aliens and Commander Tucker had spent a fair amount of time dressed in nothing but his underwear.

First, thank you for that particular trip down memory lane! ;)

Second, I like the interaction that's going on here. She's concerned about annoying him. He's not annoyed. He's concerned about annoying her. She's not annoyed. It's a pretty good barometer for how well they're wearing each other down, whether they're trying to or not.

As for Archer's movie "date" with T'Pol...did they *watch* the same episode I did? There's so nothing to make a big deal out of there. Neither Trip nor Archer's interest in getting T'Pol to go to the movie was romantic. They were both trying to wear her down, make her "one of them."

Poor T'Pol. She has no idea just how many germs she and Trip are gonna share down the road...;)


I'm feel like such a silly person because I never saw anything romantic in either Trip or Archer's interactions with T'Pol in this episode. :p Archer just wants her to socialize more and thus wants her to attend movie night. Trip seems to have the same agenda, but he's socially more adept and therefor the interaction between them is easier and more relaxed. I think the fact that Archer essentially ordered her to be his date indicates that his agenda is not romantic but rather work-related. By using the term date, he is just  trying to tell her that she needn't worry about being alone with no one to talk to - though she wouldn't worry about that.

In any case, this scene improves the whole episode. I like the idea that even in season 2 - she's thinking about Trip.


I'm always amazed at what point of contention inspires so much contoversy and differences of opinion, IMHO there was no "attraction" involved in Archer bullying T'Pol to attend movie night, merely a way to get her there, nor does Trip seem to be that way inclined at this time. I found your interlude  comfortable- TnT discussing a variety of things and showing that they wish not to ofend the other- Trip's concern about his feet, T'Pol's ocncern over disturbing Trip's down time. It was easy and relaxed and fun to read

The Middleman

First of all, what a nice little feel good story. The only way I can describe it is to say it was "Charming". (Just warmed my TnT lovin' heart).

Regarding your opening comment: I first saw Horizon long before I became a card carrying TnT shipper. One thing I noticed immediately in the scene that you are referring to was that the banter between T'Pol and Trip was a very natural give and take (which made your missing scene all the more realistic to me). T'Pol seemed interested in engaging in some form of social activity with Trip. When Archer interceded with his "You can be my date" remark, T'Pol seemed mortafied. I don't know if that's how the writers intended it, but that is how I saw it. As far as sexual chemisrty between Archer and T'Pol goes ... I saw none ... not in Horizon ... in any episode. I've heard others say so much about "the Archer/T'Pol attraction" in season two, but I just didn't see it.


I have to respectfully disagree there, SB.  There was no sexual chemistry in the Archer/T'Pol interactions; eating the popcorn was uncharacteristic but I'd say she played it like a cranky response to an annoying situation.  The really interesting interactions were still between Trip and T'Pol, even if they were marked by misunderstanding.  And I don't see how any of it makes Trip look dimwitted.  What it makes him look like is extremely interested in reaching out to T'Pol and expanding her horizons.  He also looks unconcerned about being seen as liking dated horror movies more than book discussions, yes, but that was Trip from day one.  The man is charmingly unpretentious.  I thought the episode was bleah because it was mostly about Travis (enough said), but the Frankenstein parts are pure fun, with the ultimate punchline arriving when T'Pol says, "To quote Dr. Frankenstein, It's alive." 


Now I remember! She asked him to read the book together and he thinks she wants to start a bookclub. Must send Trip a copy of that famous book "How to date a Vulcan in 12 steps" which clearly states that "reading and discussing a book together" is the Vulcan enqualtiy of a human date.:p


Alelou, you don't think that Trip is saying to  Archer "Get Her" as if to say she is nuts.  Not saying you ask  her to the movie.  Trip is didisgusted because T'Pol suggests the book reading and believes she doesn't understand at all,  Archer orders her t go to the movies with  him it is his idea not anything that Trip plants in his head.

always hated this Episode because it  made Trip look so dimwitted. Again this is season two and Archer and T'Pol were being pushed.  In the movie scene they had  T'Pol tell off  Trip and Phlox, then take a handful of Popcorn from a bowl Archer is holding. OOC doubt if t'Pol would eat  the Popcorn. 

I did like that scene where T'Pol says that she will show the film to the  Vulcans and she is looking forward to "Bride Of Frankenstien."



Thanks, all.  Just FYI, Panyasan, Trip introduces the idea of movie night and the Frankenstein movies to T'Pol in an earlier scene and suggests she should go since she saw that Western.  She resists and he tells her why it's right up her alley.  I got the feeling he'd carefully planned how to 'casually' introduce the idea.  Later, on the Bridge, he asks if she's coming (notice he hasn't said anything about going with HIM), and she says a dramatic reading of the book would better convey the spirit of the novel.  He looks disgusted and tells her to go ahead and start a book group if she wants, and leaves, with a meaningful look at Archer and a nudge of his head towards T'Pol.  This gave me the feeling they were definitely in cahoots to get her there.  This is also suggested by their behavior later when they are all discussing it at breakfast.


I really enjoyed this conversation and Trip sharing the blues with T'Pol. I also liked the fact that T'Pols superior hearing have lead her to hear him playing. I wonder what else she must have heard in a noisy ship full of humans.

I am a bit confused about Alelou interpretation of Acher asking T'Pol on a date. "Trip makes a face of disgust and points Archer at T'Pol and he ask her on a date - okay, so Trip doesn't want to be on a date with T'Pol (didn't he just ask her?) or he thinks it's better Archer asked her for some reason? I haven't seen the episode in a long while, so my memory fails me and I have to see the episode again.

That aside, I like that they seem to be back to the level of explaining each other culture. We see here again T'Pols interest in the (past) love life of Trip.

And indeed, Alelou, the last line of the song fits very well.


T'Pol does seem to latch on to any excuse to seek Trip out these days.

For some reason I just love her thoughts on his bare feet.

Somehow I doubt that his music ever disturbs her. This scene would have greatly improved this episode. Well done as always.


Once again Trip and T'Pol are learning about each other.  It was interesting that T'Pol picked up on Trip playing the blues and remembered his failed relationships.  I wouldn't go so far as to say that T'Pol is keeping tabs on Trip, but she does seem to be pretty well versed in his activities.  I wonder if she pays that kind of attention to the other folks on board?  Hmmm...  I kinda doubt it. 

Trip is a sensitive guy and a southerner.  I could definitely see him enjoying blues music.  But we saw in Cogenitor that he also liked classical music.  There's a lot of depth to this good old boy.



Thank you very much, SB, but you should take another look at this episode.  As Trip exits, he's making a disgusted face at Archer and nudging him in the direction of T'Pol.  Archer just picks up the baton and runs with it.  If Archer really did want a date with T'Pol, he wouldn't be nearly as easy and confident about it as he was.


You know I think that Trip would be a bit more savy than to offer his Harmonica to T'Pol without sterlizing it. He must know that Vulcans are paranoid about germs, I  think.

In the episode I got the idea that Trip kept saying that  T'Pol should see the movie but was so hamhanded he didn't think to ask her to attend with him. Believe that Trip exited before Archer ordered her to go with him. The writers at that time were trying to create an Archer/t'Pol thing and if failed. They made Trip a clown in many ways.

just IMHO.

Still liked this one. You write so well.




Yeah, of course Archer essentially ordered her.  But when you read the fanfic of that time, a lot of people reacted with major angst.  It could be because they were actually reacting to spoilers, or maybe they didn't get the opportunity to re-watch on the DVDs and see the way Trip practically pointed Archer at her.  I have some fun with this in the next missing scene, anyway.

As for the mouth germs... poor T'Pol has a lot to overcome in her journey...:p

SB, I'll have to look up St. Louis Woman.  I'm not familiar with it off the top of my head.  I used this song because 1) I just really like this song, and 2) it's guaranteed to perplex a Vulcan, and 3) I just love that last line for Trip. 


Alelou, you  know that I agree with Rigel, Archer did order her to go to the movies with him. He finished with "You will be my  date." there is a way of asking and a way of ordering.

Had Archer said "will you be my date" he would be asking. "Yo  will be my date" He is ordering.

anyway, nice little scene.  One thing. I believe that Trip would play the blues as he is a good ole Southern Boy but I would think that his song would be "Saint Louis  Woman" that ne would fit  T'Pol.

It is as usual very well written and enjoyable


Nice ... although from my recollection, Archer basically ordered T'Pol to accompany him to the movie. When I first saw the ep, it seems as though she was enjoying making Trip squirm as he danced around asking her to movie, and then seemed annoyed/surprised when Archer stepped in and ordered her to go with him. But then, my disdain for season 2 is well known...

I especially liked her reaction to his offer to play the harmonica; sharing mouth germs with Trip comes later down the road, right?

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