Missing Scenes from Season Two: Judgment

By Alelou

Rating: PG

Genres: adventure missing scene romance

Keywords: Klingons

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SPOILERS: “Judgment”

DISCLAIMER: Star Trek belongs to CBS/Paramount.  “Judgment” was written by David A. Goodman.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Sincere thanks as always to my reviewers and to beta jT.

 “Lieutenant Reed and I will make contact and move on from there.  Given the distance to Rura Penthe from here, I estimate that it will take approximately a week to get the captain back.  We will check in every 12 hours if circumstances allow, but you are absolutely not to come after us unless we request your aid.  If we haven’t returned in two weeks, it would be reasonable to launch a small, discreet investigation, but only if it can be done safely.”

Trip nodded at T’Pol and scowled just slightly at Malcolm.  Yes, the man was obviously more qualified for this mission, but did he have to look so damned smug about it? 

The three of them had been discussing details of T’Pol’s plan to retrieve Archer for an hour now, and she was clearly wrapping it up.  “Commander, we are dangerously close to Klingon territory, and they are not our only potential enemies.  If challenged, you can safely claim to be negotiating for dilithium.  However, you must also be prepared to get Enterprise to safety.  Both Mr. Reed and I are skilled in security operations, and there will doubtless be opportunities to return for us later, or for us to find alternative transport.  You must not risk the ship and crew for us, or for the captain.  That is an order.  It is, in fact, the same order the captain gave me.”

Trip hesitated, frowning a little, then nodded.

T’Pol turned to Reed.  “Lieutenant, I will meet you in Launch Bay One in thirty minutes.”

Reed nodded and left, shooting Trip a last, inscrutable look as he went. 

T’Pol waited for the door to slide shut behind him and turned to Trip. “You and I both know that once you are in command, the decision to stay or go is actually yours.  Do you understand why I am attempting to make the point anyway?”

Trip fought down a surge of annoyance.  “I know perfectly well where my duty lies.”

“Yet you wanted to take on the Klingon Empire after the captain’s sentencing.  I also know that leaving here would likely feel to you like a personal betrayal of Lt. Reed, the captain and me.  But it could be disastrous if you let the discomfort of that emotion override your greater responsibility to the crew.”  Her eyes were oddly soft as she stared seriously at him. 

He swallowed.  “Look, when I’m not in command, I know I can afford to react a little more emotionally.  You’ll be there to balance that out, or the cap’n will.  But when I’m the one in the hot seat . . .” He sighed.  “It’s different.  Very different.  I already know that.  You don’t need to worry.”

“Vulcans . . .”

“. . . don’t worry.  I know.”  He smiled at her.  “But Humans do.  And I will, until you’re safely back.  Please be careful.”  He meant that for all three of them, of course, but since she was the only one in the room, it was surely reasonable to feel as if he was saying it for her alone. 

She stared back at him with those big brown eyes and the moment stretched out a little, long enough for him to imagine the parting hug or handshake or even just a shoulder clap that could have filled that moment if only he could do that to a Vulcan, which of course he couldn’t.  “But then Vulcans are always careful,” he said, letting his tone revert to teasing instead.

“Lieutenant Reed is not generally known for his recklessness, either -- unless, of course, he is with you.”

He smiled.  If a Vulcan could learn to tease, did that mean she might one day also learn to hug?  But really, this particular Vulcan had exercised her dry wit on him from the very beginning.  In fact, he had recently concluded that the general reputation Vulcans had for humorlessness was just plain wrong, because Soval definitely liked to hurl in the occasional zinger, too.

Switching to a more serious tone, he said, “Are you sure you shouldn’t be taking Hoshi along?  You might need a good translator.”

“The UT will suffice.  Covert operations require speed and flexibility.  The higher our numbers . . .”

“The greater the risk,” Trip said, not wanting to be lectured.   “I know you probably also don’t believe in luck any more than you do in worrying, but I’m going to wish you luck anyway.”

She nodded. “Thank you.  I must go.  You are in command, Mr. Tucker.”

He nodded and waited until she had passed him, and it seemed to him that he could actually feel the heat of her body as she walked by.  She exited the ready room and headed for the turbo lift without hesitation; he walked over to the captain’s chair and sat down with equal resolution, though he couldn’t resist a glance behind him as the turbo lift doors closed.

He wasn’t sure why, but he’d had a harder time reining in his pointless interest in T’Pol ever since she’d asked him about Lisa.  It was strange.  Why would telling someone about an ex-girlfriend make him feel like they were more intimately connected?  She’d had good work-related reasons to ask him, after all.  And yet her interest had struck him as just a touch too keen, and he’d since caught her looking at him since then in ways that made his heart beat a little faster. 

Still, he was probably completely wrong about it. She couldn’t possibly be attracted to a smelly, illogical Human. They were friends at best, and that was all they would ever be, and for very good reasons.

He sighed.  If she didn’t return – which would probably mean Jon and Malcolm wouldn’t either – he would probably be spending a hell of a lot of time on this bridge, trying to hold this crew together while they all mourned their losses. 

Once upon a time he had dreamed of being the captain of a starship.  Now, he just desperately hoped it wouldn’t happen for real any time soon.



I love the exchange between them - Trip's admitting that T'Pol matters to him as more than a colleague! I loved their exchange about his command style and their mutual concern. Great stuff!


Yeah, I agree it was a bit too dialogue heavy.  I'm not sure I agree about the colloquial part -- T'Pol is not like Spock.  She uses contractions, for example.  That "absolutely" might have been a little OOC, though.

Good World Cup captcha code today: "after soccer"


Hey Alelou!  I know that as an author you appreciate honest commentary so here goes:


I really like the overall object of the story, but the first half feels a little dialog-heavy and so my focus was on every word out of T'Pol's mouth - which felt a little more colloquial than typically used by her, or a Vulcan in general... but! I love the ending, I love it, love it, love it! :) Moving on to the next one!


Alelou:  Rest assured your episodes are read as is everything that you write. AND I thank you for writing ( since I can't) my forte is reading. This was a great behind the scenes piece, showing that there was planning and execution of said plan. Malcolm and T'Pol being the obvious to go Trip being the obvious one to stay back in command. I liked the insight thaat both T'Pol and Trip had into Trip's behaviour. She that he tends to  want to be more active and  perhaps more reckless. Him in knowing that he can only do that when T'Pol or Archer are there to be in command and let him be less responsible. Great piece.


I'm with jT here--poor everybody!  Especially poor Trip and his "pointless musings." 

Eventually, though, I think he'll owe Lisa a debt of gratitude, for what she started, without ever knowing it or meaning to.  ;)

Great stuff--again.


Eh, honestly, I usually just like to know that someone read the thing.  So peace be among you.


Saddenonkey, I am just kidding. I believe by Alelous answer she understands that.

I know that it is canon Malcom and T'Pol do this.

It is also Canon the in shuttle Pod one Nalco halucinates that T'Pol kisses him After they are rescued. When they are rally rescued Malcom seems to expect T'Pol to really kiss him nd she tells him to go to sleep.

I undertand all of this but it doesn't mean that I cannot ake the Mickey as long as  I did not insult anyone  or direct it at anyone. If Alelou wants me to stop I will and won't do it again.



@ Silverbullet: Do you seriously not understand that the entire point of Alelou's series is to fill in gaps that canon left open? You keeping making comments like you expect her to suddenly take this story AU when that isn't remotely the point. It's canon that Reed accompanied T'Pol in this fairly mediocre episode, so whining about it looks kind of silly.

Good chapter, Alelou. I rather appreciate how you've managed to set up the TnT ship throughout this horrible, horrible season.


I don't trust Reed in this situation. Remember in Shuttle Pod one? He dreamed that T-Pol was kissing him and coming on to him. Well, they will be alone until they get ARcher.  T'Pol can kick is butt but he may try anyway.




I was really looking forward to this one - because it is wide open - and this is really dense and terrific! I can see Trip wanting to play hero and T'Pol can see that too. She knows him - and you can see him appreciating that.


You ARE clutching at straws, because in canon it's Reed who fetches Archer.  As it is, I was looking at Archer's tiny growth of beard on Rura Penthe and wondering how the heck they could get there so quickly.  Apparently Trip won't really have to wait long.  Besides, T'Pol will be all dressed up in thick fur, so her bum will be well-hidden.  Feel better now?    :)


Actually, Reed woulld be the better choice to stay. He is  the tactle Officer and would (supposedly) be better able to fight the Enterprise than Trip. Where as if something happened to the Shuttllepod Trip would be able to fix it.

Reed stays and Trip goes along.

I would rather  Trip goes so I am clutching at straws.


Really liked this  one. TnT was very subtle but out there.

Only jarring thing was Reed's smug look. He is supposed to be as professional as they are but he seems to see this as an opportunity to make time with T'Pol


O do I like Trips musing. He got it! He had noticed her question was a bit odd and that she looked at him from time to time. Now if you... o no, have to wait untill season three. ;) (I thought the last bit of this scene was wonderful as you problably already guessed).


I really like that Trip is admitting to himself that an attraction to T'Pol is developing. Sort of, saying it out loud makes it real, kind of thing.

Nice that he realized the conversation about Lisa seemed like more than professional concern. This scene would have greatly improved one of my less favorite episodes.


Awwwhhh!!!! Poor everybody. I like that you show they are very professional, yet very close. I especially like this line:

"He smiled.  If a Vulcan could learn to tease, did that mean she might one day also learn to hug?

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