Past and Future

By Asso

Rating: PG


Keywords: character death

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Now I am alone, Father. You are gone.

I know the words I say are unfair. My mother ... your bride ... is still here, with me.

So, why do I feel so alone?

Because I will nevermore feel your closeness? Nevermore experience your understanding?

The sweet touch of your hand on mine? Each time I needed your touch?

You are gone, Father. And I am alone.

There will be no one able to soothe my disquiet.

To understand, to embrace my diversity.

To love it.

I will hide my essence, henceforth, Father. I will be alone with my soul.

Without you, my life will be sad.

And lonely.

I will go away, father, far from our home. And from your memory.

I will roam along the paths's of space.

Without you.

Father ...

Along those paths, will I be able to meet someone capable of comprehending me? Like you did?

Of making me feel not alone?

Father ...

Will there be someone capable of loving me?




This is beautiful, Asso.  You are at heart, a poet.


This is really lovely, Asso.  It makes it easy to understand why T'Pol would spend time trying to discover who she really is, once the Kir'Shara is recovered.  It would be interesting to know what her father is like.  Did he have any traits in common with Trip, which might explain why she's drawn to him?  Very well done!


I can imagine that her father's death would be a thing that would drive T'Pol out into space. To search for answers and to search for someone to care for her.

This was very beautifully done.


Asso, I assumed right away that it was T'Pol's thoughts.

Lovely poem.  Beautifully written. When you are poetic your grasp of the English laguare is second to none.



Oh my! Well, yes, that makes sense. :s SORRY Asso!


But I must admit: If it hadn't been for this phrase (I will go away, father, far from our home. And from your memory.) also Lorien could have these thoughts.


Oh well, my friends. I hope you enjoy this little poem and, at the same time, I beg you to forgive me: there has been a misunderstanding between my Beta and me (and, besides, there is no thank for her, for JT: excuse me, Ann). It's not Lorien who talks, it's T'Pol.

These are her thoughts.

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