Missing Scene from The Forgotten

By Enerdhil

Rating: PG

Genres: angst drama missing scene

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T'Pol looked for Trip in the debris filled corridor where she knew he was trying to adjust power couplings. When she found him he was angry and he abruptly discarded the Xindi power cell that she had brought for him. His emotional outburst was expressed in short angry phrases as he dealt with the aftermath of the death of Ensign Taylor. However it was his long hidden feelings about the loss of his baby-sister Lizzie that came to surface.

“There's so many people dead. I tried not to see her any differently than the other seven million, so I've spent the last nine months trying to pretend she was just another victim. But she's my sister, T'Pol...My baby sister.”

Trip started to cry, tears running down his cheeks, sobbing he finished, “I envy you Vulcans.”

T'Pol put her hand on his shoulder, and he grasped it, while she looked intently at him:

“You think that the loss of a colleague or friend doesn't affect us? It does. But if we give in to those emotions, they overwhelm us. You're the ones to be envied.”

T’Pol was silent for a moment and then she said in a firm voice, “Leave the work on the EPS array relay grid until later. You are in no condition to work safely. Come with me.” In the void corridor she let her hand gently touch his arm as they began to move.

Too weary to argue Trip went with T’Pol. He was still crying when they entered her quarters.

“You need to relax, please take off your uniform and t-shirt. I will then be able to commence neuropressure.”

He did as he was asked without contention, and then went to sit on her bed.  T’Pol started the first posture. She talked in soft voice,
“Trip, you are not the only one who worries about death and damage. It also hurts me, in a way I have never experienced before.”

She stopped abruptly; it was still not easy to openly express her feelings, even to him.  “I have lost my control on a few occasions recently – this is a disturbing experience for me as a Vulcan. I also find myself unable to meditate correctly. My sleep is disturbed by dreams and I cannot rest. Relax...breathe.” She continued, still tense: “I thank you for agreeing to this, applying neuropressure also serves to help my self-control.”

“I am sorry I can’t return the favor. I feel out of focus. My hands are trembling and in the last three days I have barely slept for the four hours Phlox ordered. I have been troubled by nightmares about Lizzie and Ensign Taylor.”

 “Both of us need a restful night’s sleep tonight!” T’Pol lowered her voice, almost whispering: “I would like you to stay here with me; you really do need to rest.”

“I don’t know if I can rest. I’m afraid of having back the nightmares. And there are needed repairs all over the ship.”

She interrupted him, murmuring

“Sorry Trip – we do really need to rest.”

T’Pol let her fingers slip to the point where his neck met his shoulder and she applied gentle pressure at the to'tsu'k'hy points. Trip fell asleep almost immediately. She then lay down by his side and pulled up the blanket to cover them both.  She let her head touch his bare shoulder and held on to his hand. The presence of Trip by her side was a gentle way to immerse herself emotionally in him. She focused her thoughts moving towards her white meditation environment and let her mind enjoy the quiet absence of feelings, images and sounds. She felt the strain in her body dissipating. In a few moments she was also asleep.

The next morning T’Pol had already showered and dressed while Trip slept on. She lightly touched him on the shoulder: “Trip you need to wake up, Maintenance have reconnected the water for our deck. You are entitled to a three minute hot shower.”

T’Pol waited until Trip was ready then she suggested, “Would you like to accompany me to the Mess Hall where we can break our fast?”

“T’Pol, what happened last night? I don’t remember anything after the start of the neuropressure session. I don’t think I had any dreams last night, or at least no bad nightmares.”

“I used a gentler version of a Vulcan nerve pinch to help you go to sleep. I apologize, I decided not to tell you what I was going to do as I was sure that you would have refused my help. I also benefited from the experience because I managed to rest; having you by my side all night was comforting.”

“Well, I suppose I should thank you. I feel much better. I even believe I can face writing the letter of condolence to Ensign Taylor’s parents.”



This was a very nice first story, Enerdhil. You did a terrific job of showing how close Trip and T'Pol had become in the Expanse, and how much they'd grown to rely on each other.  It's too bad this scene couldn't really be added to the episode.  I'm looking forward to your next story. :D 


I very much enjoyed this missing scene which fits beautifully with the one we saw in the episode.  T'Pol shows real concern for Trip and is willing to act on it in such a tender caring way.  

Very well done indeed :D  


A very lovely and tender scene. You could see in that episode how much T'Pol wanted to comfort Trip. Wonderful addition.


Excllent to see a missing scene story from Forgotten. It's nice eto see T'Pol trying to help Trip deal with his grief and her own admission she's been upset about what happened during the Xindi attack at Azati Prime.


nice addition to what was one of my faborite scenesin the show. 

The Middleman

Nicely done. I watched The Forgotten (again) at the gym yesterday morning and I felt there should be more to that scene than we saw; so reading this was a nice add on. I could actually picture something like this happening. Unfortunately, today I started watching E2 and T'Pol's bad behavior towards Trip kinda bust that bubble. Oh well .... we can dream. Thanks for the story.


Welcome. awonderful frst story. Well written and plotted. T-Pol is my favoirte character along side Trip. so  this was doubly enjoyable for me. I do hope to read much more of your stories in the near future. 




I like it!   I always though that T'Pol helped Trip out after the scene ended.  Probably with some TLC and neuropressure.  The nerve inch was a good touch.


No appologies necessary Enerdhil it was a delightful story.:D So happy to have you here.


The double really is fixed, Enerdhil. Should have caught it last night! Let me know if it reads the way you want it to. Welcome, by the way.


Thanks all for the generous comments.:) I need to share it with Opal, who trimmed the text during beta-reading. Concerning WarpGirl remark about the double 'really', my mistake :(  Opal suggested the change of position to put the proper emphasis, I accepted her proposition, but I forgot to delete the previous typed word. Quoting a well known Vulcan lady, "I appologize".


That's so sweet. I enjoyed it, because you were capable of displaying T'Pol's emotions and desires. Her inner troubles. I love when a writer is capable of demonstrating the universal worth of the feelings. And you did this very well.
Welcome here.   :D   


I really enjoyed this piece. You really try to capture the emotions. T'Pols solution makes sense. I especially liked the second part, when the pace seemed to slow down and focussed on T'Pols emotions and Trips rest. Well done.


Hi! Welcome and congradulations on your first post here. I know how nerve-wracking the first time is. Let me say thanks for a delightful read just perfect before going to sleep. I really loved how you took an already tender beautiful scene and made it even more so. I could really see T'Pol doing this for Trip despite the mess she was also going through. She really is an unselfish person, and I've rarely read many stories that take the time to highlight it. So thank you for a lovely T'Pol. You also captured Trip's pain and grief extremely well, as well as his work eithic.

If I remember correctly you said on the board English wasn't your native language. It was very hard to tell, but I did notice a line that were slightly awkward to me this one... "I would like you to stay here with me; you really do really need to rest.” only needed one 'really' in it. I doesn't matter which one.

Other than that minor thing I thought this was just lovely. Welcome again and I hope for more very soon. It was a joy. Thank you. 

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