Missing Scenes from Season Two - Precious Cargo

By Alelou

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SPOILERS: Precious Cargo

DISCLAIMER: Star Trek belongs to CBS/Paramount, not me.  The original episode was written by Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, and David A. Goodman.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Okay, so I wrote a missing TnT scene with Malcolm and Travis instead of T'Pol.  But she's kind of in it anyway.  Diehard TnT romantics are probably going to be upset at me for this one, but I think Trip needed this.  Warning for non-explicit sexual content.



After one very tense trip home in a crowded shuttle pod, one very tense debriefing, and one absolutely heaven-sent hot shower, Trip was sitting in the mess hall eating a long-overdue breakfast with two very annoying friends.

"You are jumping to a conclusion you shouldn't be jumping to," Trip said.  "As I already explained, my uniform was off because we needed to create a decoy -- so the Retellian would shoot it instead of me.  Not to mention Kaitaama told me the Palace Guard would cut my hand off if I so much as touched her.  I'm an engineer.  I need my hands."

"Yes, for so many things," Malcolm said.  "Methinks he doth protest too much.  What do you think, Travis?"

"I think he looks awfully relaxed," Travis said, with one of his grins.

"You don't know what you're talking about," Trip said.  He could feel his face getting hot. 

"You're blushing," Malcolm said.  "Also, you keep smiling when you think nobody can see you."

"That's not true!"

Malcolm waggled his eyebrows.  "And then of course there was the smell."

Trip felt a twinge of misgiving.  "What are you talking about?  There was no smell!" 

"Sub-Commander T'Pol was definitely sniffing something," Malcolm said.  "I could see her nostrils flaring.  She looked rather upset about it, too."

 "That's ridiculous.  If she was sniffing anything it was all the methane from that swamp.  And Vulcans don't get upset."

"She was upset all right," Malcolm said.  "She was giving you the Vulcan Death Stare.  I thought she might just take out her phase pistol and shoot you."

Trip scowled.  "She wasn't upset - which is impossible - she just had her usual stick up her ass.  I already got the lecture about maintaining proper diplomatic relations, as if I didn't happen to manage a first contact with the royal family of Krios Prime just fine without any of her advice and guidance.  I can't help it if she always thinks the worst of me in every situation.  Maybe she just needs to ..."  He stopped suddenly, a little horrified at what he'd been about to say.

"She just needs to what?" Malcolm said, with a glint in his eye.

He'd been about to say that maybe T'Pol just needed to get laid.  But that was an awful thing to say.  Plus, it would be a kind of backwards admission of what had just, gloriously, happened to him.  "Nothing.  Forget it."

But Malcolm clearly sensed weakness and went in for the kill.  "You think maybe she needs to do something that will leave her feeling as relaxed as you do right now?"

"I don't feel relaxed at all with you two harassing me!"

"I wonder if there'd be any way to tell if the Sub-Commander was ever relaxed in that way?" Malcolm mused.  "Would she have a glow?  Princess Kaitaama has a glow."

"That's just her natural complexion," Trip said.  "She's Kriosan.  They glow."

"But you're not Kriosan," Travis said.  "And you're glowing."

"Shut up, Travis," Trip said.  Once again he could feel his face turning hot.  "I had a shower, that's all."

Malcolm grinned.  "We're just happy for you, Trip."

"And a little jealous," Travis added.

Trip said, "I don't want to hear another word!  I'll make it an order if I have to."

His friends smirked at each other, shrugged, and went back to their meals.

Trip stared down at what little was left of his giant plate of scrambled eggs and bacon.  They were right, of course.  He was having a very hard time not smiling.    

Because he, Charles 'Trip' Tucker III, a man of very simple origins, had rescued himself and a royal princess from a bad situation using nothing but his own ingenuity, and then he'd made hot, dirty, sweaty love to said princess, who had clearly enjoyed every minute of it.

And thanked him for it afterwards.

Damn, but he felt good.




(Tip:  If you want to see T'Pol and Trip actually fighting it out with each other over the events of this episode, you could go read my old story "No Lasting Effects," which takes a rather different approach.) 



Love it! And no way T'Pol's just going to let it go....in a purely  professional capacity, of course!


OMG hilarious! I loved it. I was VERY interested to see just what you would do with this ep (because its blatantly obvious that Trip and the princess had, uh ... relations) and this was just a very funny, very light-hearted exchange between the three men which I could see happening on the show. Incidentally, it also reminded me of the exchange between Malcolm and Trip during Harbinger: "So you're all just ... friends."


Even in the show, it was obvious that Trip and the princess had sex. Trip was being a gentleman of sorts, hard not to be grouchy with a companion whining constantly. No doubt that sshe instigated it all, he followed suit

The mess hall interogation was perfect. Mal;colm was written dead on and nailed his teasing to perfection and his tactical officer skills in fine form sencing when to go for the jugular and make Trip "fess" up. I liked this. I haave read"No lastinf effect" and really enjoyed it, but wish you would write a follow up for it. Please!!!





The Middleman

Very cute. This is actually a conversation I can picture three guys having after it becomes common knowledge that one of them just got laid. Very realistic in my opinion. I do wish there was a way to explore "Sub-Commander T'Pol was definitely sniffing something," and "She looked rather upset about it, too." It has the makings for some interesting and fun dialog. Also, thank you for directing us to your story "No Lasting Effects", I haven't read that one.


Thanks, all.  And thank you for not freaking out about Trip's good time.

Travis actually had some of Malcolm's lines, until I realized he wasn't IN that scene in the swamp so he couldn't know.  Poor Travis.  Hardly says a thing and still he's the one Trip tells to shut up!


Three words I thought I'd never see put together:  "Shut up, Travis."  :p:D

This was excellent and funny and cool.  Trip's on the right track:  so maybe the subcommander needs to get laid, he just hasn't figured out he's the man to do it yet.  ;)


Damn you for daring to adhere to canon! :s

Seriously don't see why any "diehard TnT romantics" would be offended for this since they make it pretty clear on the actual show that the two had sex. With the way they had T'Pol sniffing around Archer's butt in a failed attempt to make him more interesting in season 2, I don't see why anyone should be angry with Trip for taking what was offered with Fishstick, especially since he's pretty much convinced that nothing will come of his infatuation with T'Pol (and frankly, if you go by the actual canon of the show, the only things that do come of it is one night of sex and a whole lot of heartbreak for Tucker.)

And honestly, T'Pol did need to get laid.


Well, there is no denying Trip slept with the princess. He thinks she is lovely when he sees her in stasis and at the least scene they are so together. The look they exchanged is clear: we had a great time together. The problem is there is nothing between them from the moment the princess woke up and the kiss. No chemistry, just plain irritation. I have seen chemistry between A'Lehn and Trip, sweetness between Lianna and Trip - but now - zip, nada, only two people being irritated. And who could blame Trip? The only thing positive about Kaitaama I can find is her great beautiful legs, other then that she is a spoiled, unfriendly, rather empty headed woman. I was having a deja vu with this missing scene.:) When I saw this episode with my own guy, the final scene made him grin a lot like "good for you Trip". I gave him a stare, because it wasn't T'Pol! Alelou's scene gave me the same feeling, so she nailed it. I felt for T'Pol, even feeling her nostils flare, giving Trip the stare of death and wanted to shoot him with a phase pistol, while Trip just was feeling good. It's sad in a way that their friendship they had been building is gone. Trips thoughts and saying about T'Pol were rather cool (maybe with a hint of anger and hurt), so it looks like he moved on, he get teased about his little adventure (I really liked Travis playing a part) and feeling good about it.




(It's required me to type in "sprawled Democrats."  LOL!)


:p I really think Malcolm and Travis would tease Trip about spending time with Princess Kaitama and mention T'Pol's jealousy.That Trip was able to rescue himself and the Princess on his own goes to show he can use his engineering skills to get out of a jam.


The three guys seem perfectly in character here.  Underneath the teasing, it's clear that there is a firm foundation of friendship.  That's really very nice. 

I'm glad Trip had a good time with the princess.  He sure didn't get much else in season two.  Terrific scene!


This die-hard TnT romantic loves this scene. I always thought Trip and princess popsicle did the deed, and this is exactly how it should have been - two grown adults have a wonderful time together. Very cool.


I loved it. Trip being ragged on by his friends was so cute. Trip trying not to blush or smile was adorable. Who could find fault with him having a bit of adventure with a beautiful woman.

At this stage Trip and T'Pol are not together and I don't think anyone believes that Trip had never had sex before T'Pol :p

As Malcolm said, "We're just happy for you, Trip."


It's perfect.

It is shocking, but believable, that this HORRIBLE statement almost slipped of Trip's mouth. And I love that he is even shocked and regretful that he almost said it. He usually tries so hard to be a gentleman. I also have to congraduate you for doing a PERFECT Malcolm. This is Malcolm in top form.


This goes well with later when he was so ready to believe T'Pol was thanking him for the sexual encounter.  Awesome.


Trip was lured into it by the Princess. She just acted liked T-Pol would only sooner. After all, she ws the one who started the KIssing. Trip was seduced. He was innocent, sort of



Lady Rainbow



Yeah, and Trip /would/ feel pretty smug about it. Maybe T'Pol should've nailed him with the phase pistol anyway. LOL!

BTW: the captcha codes for this were" Officials clamored". I thing that definitely describes Travis and Malcolm. :p


HA, HA! *Laughing and splapping the ground smilie* LOL . . . Hats off to you, Alelou!

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