Love's a Bitch

By ginamr

Rating: PG

Genres: angst general missing scene romance


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Summary: The events between "he has great arms" and the happenings in T'Pol's quarters told from Amanda Cole's point of view.

Genre: Drabble/Angst

Amanda Cole grimaced as she walked down the corridor from Sub-Commander T'Pol's quarters, gently massaging her shoulder where the Sub-Commander had pressed too hard. The warning behind the gesture was unmistakable: "Back off, bitch. He's mine."

She sighed. "I sure can pick 'em," she muttered to herself.

As she rounded the corner, she ran straight into what felt like a brick wall. She'd been sure she was going to land flat on her ass until she felt two strong, callused hands grip her arms to steady her.

She looked up, meeting the irresistible blue eyes of none other than Trip Tucker. His grip on her upper arms tightened and she winced slightly at the sharp pain that shot through her shoulder. His grip relaxed and his gorgeous eyes bore into hers.

"Are you all right?"

The question was kind enough, but there was a distance in his voice that almost suggested he wasn't asking out of true concern for her well-being.

"Yes, Trip. Fine," she managed, her heart beating a rapid tattoo inside of her chest.

An arrow pierced her heart when she saw him recoil slightly at her use of his Christian name. Rage bubbled inside of her. He and that cold-hearted bitch deserve each other! her mind screamed. She jerked from his grip and stormed away, but didn't get more than a dozen steps before turning in time to see him enter the Sub-Commander's quarters.

"Bastard," she muttered, continuing toward her quarters.



Eh, Eh.

Short and cool.:)


Poor Amanda certainly found out from T'Pol that she stay away from Trip and that Trip didn't like Amanda using his nickname was well written.


Poor Amanda.  Somehow I think she'll be fine, though.  :p


Short and to the Point.  Cole loses. Lovely. She doesn't have to worry there is a whole shipload of Males aavailable to a pretty, willing, female.

She just has to remember not to poach on someone elses terriroty it could get nasty.



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