Missing Scenes from Season Two - A Night in Sick Bay

By Alelou

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Spoiler: "A Night in Sickbay" - including reference to a deleted scene you can read at the wonderful Chrissie's Transcript Site (along with the rest of the script).

Disclaimer: Star Trek belongs to CBS/Paramount, not me.  (This scene also obviously owes a debt to the episode's writers, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.)


Trip went to the mess hall at lunch time a happy man.  He had his new plasma injector - and two spares to boot.  The captain had swallowed his pride, or whatever it was, and done what was necessary to keep Enterprise shipshape.  The malfunctioning injector still concerned him, because it suggested the others might also soon experience problems.  But at least for now, the pressure was off.

He was still dead tired after an abbreviated night's sleep, which meant that he was strung out on coffee and craving sugar and solitude.  He added a slice of pie to his lunch tray and took it over to a quiet corner of the room, where if he was lucky he could relax quietly before heading back to what he hoped would be an extremely uneventful afternoon shift spent disassembling the bad injector.

"May I join you?"

The science officer stood before him with her usual lunch of salad and water.

"Sure," he said, proud that he had not allowed even the slightest hesitation to enter his voice.  And it was okay, really.  When they weren't sparring - and Trip was in no mood for sparring today - T'Pol was usually a restful companion.  She would probably appreciate a Vulcan-style meal without conversation.

"You look fatigued, Commander."

Or perhaps not.  "I am a little tired," Trip admitted.  "The captain had me out of bed in the middle of the night to ask about the plasma injectors, and then I couldn't get back to sleep."  

There was another, longer stretch of silence, long enough that Trip had decided they were going to eat in quiet companionship after all, when she said, "I don't believe I have ever seen the captain quite so irrational and irritable as he has been during this mission."

Trip took a deep breath.  Apparently she actually needed to talk about work with him, and that was rare enough that he really shouldn't mind it.  He was also tempted to simply vent his own frustrations with Jon's recent behavior, but that wouldn't help anything.  "His dog was sick.  When Humans are worried about someone close to them, they can get a little, um, dysfunctional."

"I fail to understand why Starfleet allow pets aboard starships."

Trip grinned.  "They don't.  I don't think the cap'n ever asked; he just made it clear he was going to do it.  Rank has its privileges."

She stared down at her salad for a moment, before asking, "Does this mean the captain is also free to disregard non-fraternization policies if he wishes?"

Trip raised his eyebrows.  "He's never been much of a stickler for them that I've noticed.  Is there something in particular that concerns you?"

 "This morning he made some reference to the tensions that can arise between officers of the opposite sex." 

Trip stared at her, utterly nonplussed.  He couldn't help remembering the captain's very weird middle-of-the-night question about how long it had been. 

"It was in the context of apologizing to me for his behavior," T'Pol added. 

Trip said nothing.  He was too busy replaying over a year's worth of impressions of Jon in relation to T'Pol and wondering if he'd missed something.  He'd never seen the slightest sign of attraction there, on either side, but maybe he was just oblivious?

"Do you think I should be concerned?" T'Pol asked.

With some effort, Trip refocused on his lunch companion.  "About?"

She shifted uncomfortably.  "That the captain might pursue, or expect..."

"Oh, no," Trip said.  "No, he would never...  Hell, that's probably why he has Porthos in the first place."

T'Pol stared at him.  "He keeps the dog as a sexual partner?"

"Oh, no, no!  Nothing like that!"  Trip laughed uncomfortably.  "No.  God.  Humans keep dogs so they'll have a friend ... a companion ... a creature they can be affectionate with ... NOT sexually, just ... you know, petting and hanging around with. You already know that Humans have an emotional need for companionship.  And a captain by definition is going to be fairly isolated. Porthos probably just helps the cap'n, you know, not get too lonely out here.  Not too lonely and not too cranky."

Which made Trip wonder: What if the captain really did have a thing for T'Pol - but it was something he'd never even consider acting on unless he was reeling from the potential loss of his beloved dog?  It would be understandable.  They worked together a lot.  Not to mention T'Pol was gorgeous, and brilliant, and loyal, and brave, and had those beautiful brown eyes you felt you could sink right into...

Don't even go there, Tucker.  Especially if the captain had his eye on her.

"It's not like you'd ever consider it in a million years anyway, right?" he said, as flippantly as he could.  "Him being a smelly Human and not very logical and all."

She just raised an eyebrow, and returned her attention to her salad.

Trip looked at her head bent over her meal and felt a stab of pure loneliness. 

He wished he had a dog.




I read all the (probably years old when I started watching Enterprise, let alone now) comments.

I see this differently. Maybe it's that I'm a woman, and have always deeply resented any men acting like I'm "fair game". Women are people, and we get to decide whom we'd like to interact with, and in what way.  T'Pol decided to interact with the Captain in one way, by shooting down that trial balloon, as Alelou said, but also by letting him hang on to his pride even while insisting that he needs to do the thing and apologize to the Kreetassins, even when he's downright nasty to her (and I thought that was a lot shabbier treatment than a few Freudian slips and a dream she never found out about).  

I don't think she was being submissive on the treadmill; I think she was doing her job by not giving a clearly irrational commanding officer a reason to exhaust himself and further compromise his judgment. It probably wasn't very pleasant trying to run while he was disturbing the peace right there beside her, either.

I think T'Pol went to Trip because she knew she could trust him with sensitive information, and because he's a human male whose judgment she also trusts. She wasn't looking for a boyfriend, or a lover, or anything like that; she just needed a human male interpretation of what had happened, because it was disturbing to her, and she had no personal context for clarification.

Vulcans don't handle sexual matters, or pairbonding, the way humans do. She needs information, because, culturally, she's clueless.

I think it's a HUGE mistake to think that means she's defenseless. I'm guessing that she'd be well within her rights under the Higgh Command to drop a man, even her Captain, who attempted an unwanted sexual advance on her person. That she didn't drop Trip when his fingers roamed, and that she spread decon gel on his shoulders FIVE times (yup, I counted!), says something. 

But what I personally love about TnT is that their relationship evolves over time. It's not a matter of Trip putting himself 'out there' or 'stepping aside'. It's more that they are where they need to be at this point - learning one another. Not charging in penis first doesn't make a man weak.

It makes him a gentleman. And that's what Trip is. He's not trying to make her 'his'. He's being her best friend, when she didn't even know she needed one. He's investing in the totality of their relationship, even though he's exhausted, and he could have put her off rather than putting the effort into giving her the best answers he has.

I once knew this guy who liked me in a way I wasn't ready to like him. When I told him that, he said he'd be "the best damned friend I ever had".  And he was. 

He is. This summer, we'll have been married nineteen years. Gentle and not pushy doesn't equal weak. Consideration isn't unmanly. 

And the Portos thing? Totally sat here in my study, all alone, laughing like a madwoman! =D


I must admit that I was very interested to see where you went with this *horrible* episode and this was really good. I LOVED T'Pol's confusion about Archer keeping Porthos for sexual relief! Hilarious!


Does sexual tension happen between people who are off limits to each other. Yes. Can the pair acknowledge it and move on, with NO harrasment? Yes! How do I know? From more than one case of personal experience, one work-related. Do men sometimes sit there being passive for a minute even after they get the green light? Yes. I don't think Trip dares believe he has a green light. Remember, this is a cross species relationship and Trip is cautious trying to be "a good diplomat" in his interactions with other species. He has a JOB! He's an starship engineer first and foremost. He is on a mission.

I repeat that I really liked that Trip showed his good character in this. He doesn't undermine his friend and Captain. He could pretend to be alarmed and worried that the Captain has done something wrong, thus seeming like the better friend to T'Pol. But he doesn't beleive the Captain has done something wrong. Trip has a fundamentally generous nature and shows alot of integrety here. There is a parallel case. When T'Pol and Tolaris were hanging out, Archer went to Trip and tried to get him to be alarmed about this. Trip's honest opinion was that two people of the same species might want to hang out together. Again, he could have supported Archer's opinion and told him what he wanted to hear AND had an excuse to break up the couple (T'Pol and Tolaris) but instead he gave his honest opinion, which was respectful of the fact that his coworkers are all free agents. He can't control who hangs out with who feels what about who. It's their business. That's a very respectful attitude.


I love this missing scenes. There are funny, well written and you get a taste of TnT. This scene fitted perfect with what we saw on screen. I disagree with some of the posters that if a man steps aside, it's a noble thing. If you like a woman and she is unattached, especially when another guy is interested, you go for it. Otherwise, you don't have feelings for her or you're not a man. Except for that weird sentence that Trip is not getting involved with T'Pol, especially when Archer is interested, the story doesn't go that way. The problem is that captain Archer is acting OCC in ANIS, using his power as captain to make sexual remarks to T'Pol. Trips reaction is based on Archer we saw in the rest of the show, his friend.


Okay, I think we've beaten these wet dreams into the ground, which is a very mixed metaphor I don't really want to think about.  


Not just bare chested. NAKED. why would she just take off her Top in Archers Wet Dream? He would want her entirely Naked.

As for a Wet Dram, yes, it can drive a man even a Super Captain Archer.  He haad to posses a desire for having Sex with T-POl in order to even have the Wet Dream. It is not  incoceivable he would act on his Dream since it was a manifestation of a sexual Desire for T-POl.  Archer is a Human Male given to the same drives and desires as mortal men.  He has been in Space for almost two years. he hasn't had his  Ashes Hauled in that time. T-POl rguarly is seen in his quarters discussing whatever. She is constantly near him sometimes dogging his footsteps. She Hero worships him in some  Episodes.  Why whouldn't he believe that  he has a chance to Bed her and act on that.

On the other hand, Trip has little to go on. She argues with him, certainly doesn't give him any Hero worshipping. But he still is strongly attracted to her.

Still say that T-POl shut down Archer and trip was aware that she had no desire for Archer. Why shouldn't Trip put a slight move on her to test the waters?

RE my Wet Dreams. I never had any of my sister-in-laws. I never knowingly went after a married woman in my life.




I love to be tortured by pretty and smart  women.:p


SB, you live in such a universe of certainty!  Man has wet dream if that's what that was (a kiss with a bare-chested woman is ALL it takes for Archer, apparently), man is strong manly captain, therefore man will pursue Vulcan first officer for actual sex to the point of harassment despite all good reasons not to.  To me, that's just bizarre logic.  If you think men are really so much at the mercy of a stray sexual dream, I can only hope you never had any about your sister-in-law. 

Asso, you already know I always torture you with these stories.  I suppose I should just be honored that you read them anyway. :)


That's a very sneaky point. T'Pol did put Archer off rather firmly (but with her usual tact and diplomacy) but it seems very significant now you mention it, that him being a smelly illogical human apparently wasn't the reason.


Girl, Dreams are often our fondest wish.  Wet dreams are a part of a Male. From young teens to older males Wet Dreams exit. Many fully intend to make those dreams come true.  Archer's Wet Dream was of a Naked T-Pol exhanging kisses with him and (implied) had Sex with him.  If Phlox had kept his big  mouth shut it would have bene better. But Archer did have the Dream. Archer was presented as an aggresive Captain. He would try to follow up on that Wet  Dream. 

In the Episode T-Pol seems to defer to Archer in the early part of it. She is on a Treadmill, Archer comes in, steps on a treadmill, starts it and begins to run. T-POl increases the speed of her Treadmill, Archer does the same. T-Pol again increases the speed and Archer follows. T-Pol increases her speed once more. So does Archer. Archer is begiinning to look like he is through when T-Pol steps off her Treadmill saying "I can't keep up with you."  But it was Archer who was trying to keep up with T-Pol. She stopped because she saw that Archer was on the point of collase and she didn't want to embarass him. She could have gone on incresing the speed for some time as she is stronger than a Human. It is only later than she becomes annoyed that Archer is coming on to her.

Anyway, Archer had a Wet Dream that was charged with Sexual Desire for T-Pol. You cannot assert that he didn't want her and that he wouldn't try to get her.


My lonely voice has to rise, one last time.
And people must forgive me, if I talk with my "belly", as we are in habit to say here, where I live.
It's evident that Alelou and I see things completely differently, and it's equally evident that the majority sees things differently from me, at least as for stories like this one.
Honestly, it leaved me with a sense of dissatisfaction that I am unable to repress.
EVIDENTLY I feel otherwise than the others:
They say that the conversation between Trip and T'Pol was fun. I felt it slightly harassing.
They say that it appears, here,  an initial "getting close" by T'Pol to Trip. I simply perceived another "You... I... Me... But... Oh... Maybe..." (Did I said already that I had enough of what I have seen on the screen?)
They say that this Trip is PERFECTLY in character. Ok. Let alone the fact that I am very tired of this rigmarole, I think the exact contrary.
And, allow me, one last observation: I really am unable to understand why T'Pol (and whichever other woman) could fall in love with such a man.
But what the hell could she have from him? Safety? Assurance? Love?PASSION? 
And though Trip displayed so many of these characteristics on the screen. He was very male, I think, and I was persuaded that women loved him also for that.
Instead, forgive me, it seems to me that often - very often - the side of him which tends to be underlined is his weak side, the side of the uncertainty.
But maybe I am talking with words coming from the past.
I am a male who comes from the past, I am unable to understand what women want from a male of the present (or of the future)
But please: do not tell that to my personal T'Pol.;)


T'Pol DID get the reassurance she wanted from Trip that no, she really didn't need to worry about Archer.  If anything, SHE was the one who failed to reassure Trip in turn, but then if she'd agreed that she'd never in a million years be interested in a smelly human who isn't very logical, that would have depressed our boy even more.  (Personally I consider it a good sign that she decided to say nothing.)


This is not about chain of command. It is outside the Chain of Command and if Archer tries to pull rank he is an ASSHOLE. If Trip wimps out he is an Asshole too.

This would be btween two men over a  Female. T-Pol has inidcated she has no interest in Archer. Why not Trip pressing his own case. 

I know this is a missing Scene. But I believe that you should have taken the whole episode into  consideration before writing it, inclujding Archers Wet Dream as this would give Archer motive for wanting Sex with T-POl.  This is a good well written story, as all of  yuor stories are, I just wish you had T-Pol express that she was unnfortable and Trip expressing his concern for that.  Then t-POl could thank him and would  know that she had a good friend in Trip.




Trip is NOT stepping aside -- he's just not stepping forward.  He finds T'Pol attractive, but he doesn't think in a million years his feelings are returned or ever could be -- and even if they were, it's a bad idea to mess with someone in your chain of command.  If the CO has the same unfortunate crush, that makes it even more impolitic.  He's not convinced Archer does, though he's just realized it's possible -- rather, he's just giving himself one more good reason to behave himself.  He's NOT being a wimp.  He's being an intelligent and responsible officer with an adult level of self-control.  He's also (hopefully) being the Trip we see on screen.  (This is a "missing scenes" series, SB, not a reboot, which is what your version of this would have to be to make you happy.)

(What happened to the italics? )


I thought this was great!  A perfect representation of TnT getting closer as time goes by. 

Trip most certainly is not wimpy here.  He and T'Pol don't even "have" anything yet for him to fight for, so yes, if another man was interested in her, he'd step aside.


But SB, that was a dream. People dream weird stuff. I do. And T'Pol and Trip don't know what Archer dreamt. Nor does it an element in this story.


You all are too quick to forgive Archer and say  he wouldn't do that.

His "Wet" dream in this Episode, In it:

T-POl's back is to t he Camera, her BARE back. Which means (in Archers Wet Dream) she has taken off her Underwear. They then kiss. (Can't show a  Sex scene inEnterprise) the implication is that they had  Sex in Archers Wet Dream. Archer did want to have Sex with T-Pol and he would pursue her for it.  T-Pol shot Archer dopwn at the end by saying it would  "inapprorpiae" she should have said "No way, any day."

As for Trip. I still think you make him too weak.  He is loyal but that doesn't mean he is going to roll over and let Archer have a clear field just because he is the CAPTAIN. He always struck me as the type who may be quiet but is also a Man who would  fight for something he desired. Why should he defer to Archer anyway. Since T-Pol is indicating she doesn't want anythiing to do with Archer.



"It's misunderstandings like that that can ruin a dog's reputation."  -- LOL!  Thank you, Dinah.


Guess I was a little too harsh on Archer, being very irritated by his behaviour. But I am loving these interesting discussions. :)


I should have written this before I read the comments.  Now I'm trying to remember what I thought the first time I read this scene.  My first impression was that, although this conversation is a little awkward for both of them, they're obviously comfortable talking to one another.  Instead of going to Hoshi or another woman, T'Pol chose to talk things over with Trip.  That shows that she trust him and places a lot of faith in his discretion.

This was never a episode that I particularly enjoyed because it made Archer look a little like a horny teenager, but I really don't see him as coming on to T'Pol.  He put up a tiny trial balloon and she shot it down.  He never pursued it after that or made any other inappropriate comments. 

After learning that Archer brought Porthos along without formal permission from Starfleet, it's understandable that she would be concerned that he would disregard other rules.  This is season 2.  T'Pol is still learning about Humans.  I think Trip was just trying to put her mind at ease.  He knows Archer pretty well; he knows the kind of man he is.  It's possible that he knows that Archer broke off a relationship with Erika Hernandez because she was a subordinate. 

Do I think Trip would step aside if he thought Archer was interested in T'Pol?  Yes, I do.  Do I think that makes Trip weak?  Not really.  Trip never takes the lead with women, and he's loyal to a fault.  Even in season 3, it's pretty obvious that Trip doesn't believe that T'Pol's interested in him.  That was one very surprised look on his face when she finally jumped his bones in Harbinger.  I think he'd smile, tell a joke, then suffer in silence rather than try to steal someone he believes belongs to someone else.  There is some precedent for this, though.  Miles Standish - Priscilla Mullins - John Alden:  "Speak for yourself, John."  Cyrano de Bergerac:  a man who can't believe a woman could love him for himself rather than his friend, the flashy dude.  It was pretty obvious that T'Pol was going to have to make the first move for them to finally get together.  Fortunately, she did.

Excellent scene!  I really enjoyed this one, especially the reference to poor Porthos.  It's misunderstandings like that that can ruin a dog's reputation.



You made very plain at the beginning of this story that Trip was utterly exhausted. What I took away from the whole conversation was that, yes T'Pol was questioning Archer's comments but Trip was so tired that all he could relate too was his own loneliness and need for affection. 


I share Asso's preference that we could see these two getting on rather better, but what you've shown us does fit the relationship we saw in the shows. Clearly there is a trust building between them, even if it's building slower than I'd have wished.

Coming from a culture where relationships are arranged by the elders and romantic relationships are unheard of, it must be disconcerting for poor old T'Pol to be surrounded by so many unattached, undisciplined and perpetually horny human males. I imagine that she finds the fraternisation rules a comfort since they mean she shouldn't have to deal with any unwanted advances. To find that Archer apparently isn't put off by that must be quite alarming for her. It's obvious from her comment about poor old Porthos that she has absolutely no idea what this means or what he might ... expect ... from her. And she's on her own to deal with it, something that I guess her Vulcan upbringing would leave her unprepared for.

Despite the reserved nature of their relationship it's good to see that Trip is the person she trusts to help. This is no time for "pulling her leg" and he takes her concerns seriously. I hope he set her mind at rest, because he's right: Archer would never make advances that he thought were unwanted and Trip knows that. "No, he would never ...". Not a second's thought required.

And they are unwanted aren't they, because he's just a smelly illogical human. Certainly not interested in a relationship with the captain. Or with me. However often I might want to get lost in those beautiful brown eyes you felt you could sink right into...


I personally don't see that Archer's behavior in that episode rose to sexual harassment.  It was weird enough to make T'Pol wonder if it might ultimately continue into that, but I really don't think it was anything that approached "hitting" on her.  Yeah, I suppose maybe it could be interpreted as floating a little trial balloon (but she popped the hell out of it, if that was the case).  I'm with Trip -- I don't think Archer would ever pursue something like that with someone in his chain of command, and certainly not with someone who didn't welcome it.  I'm also not inclined to judge Archer harshly for not being an equal friend with Trip -- I think his position necessarily leads to some distance.  Trip observes the same distance, really.   (If you've seen the missing scene, his "Excuse me?" response to Archer's question is classic.)


Alelou, your Trip is a wimp. He is craven. He says that since Archer is CAPTAIN he has privaleges including T-Pol.  Trip should be a man. Let T-Pol know that he thinks Archer should not be hitting on her and he should let her know that he wants to be something more than a sounding board.  I don't like your Trip at all. He deserves to Lose T-Pol to a jerk like Archer. 

The writers of the series made trip physically weak (he always seemed to  get knocked on his Can and stayed there.) but you  make him weak where a man should be Strong. Trip is  attracted to T-Pol, go after her.




 Sorry for my second comment, but I was a little bit torn about my first comment and thought about it during the day. I reconsider: the scene does fit Trip and is a good prelude for the episodes to come when we see clearly a distance between Trip and T'Pol.

Trip comes across as passive when dealing with T'Pol sometimes, also in this scene, and that's always annoyed me. I got the impression that he didn't care about T'Pol when he was so passive. Alelou's approach that he didn't think T'Pol would be interested in a human partner is more positive explanation for this behavior.

I still regret that Trip (as T'Pols mentor in all things human) doesn't speak against the sexual harassment of Archer, if only a small remark like “ it's normal in human society to tell a man you don't like him/he makes you uncomfortable.” T'Pol stood her ground with Archer, but the fact that she wants to tell Trip about it (as her friend) and is uncomfortable is telling.

Instead Trip choses – very well meant – to explain Archer motives. Trip shows that he is loyal to his friends – but I don't think it's deserved. The friendship between Trip and Archer is unequal and sometimes even absent. If Trip was a good friend in a equal relationship, he would have told Archer as a senior officer and a friend that hitting on T'Pol isn't a good idea.

I see the conversation as a breaking point: T'Pol asked for help, Trip chooses Archer above her and damages their just built friendship. If I would be T'Pol I would think Trip doesn't care. If I would be Trip I would think maybe T'Pol is interested in Archer. O those miscommunications. This would explain the distance between them in The Seventh and Precious Cargo. I don't envy Alelou, it's a challenge to write about these episodes, but whatever it will be, I am looking forward to it with great interest.


I'm sorry to be a discordant voice, but, after all, there must be someone who is not in agreement. That's the salt of the life.
Usually, I tend to not comment stories which are not my cup of tea, but this time I made an exception. (The salt of the life, I said.
lbekoj wrote:
But I disagree that Trip might abandon his interest in T'Pol for CAPTAIN's sake.
Absolutely true: but why the hell must Trip be described - always - as a weak and dropout man? Friendship? Is it that? Rather brainlessness and defeatism, I would be tempted to say. Incapability of knowing himself and what he wants.
It was difficult for me to find really amusing this fic. Once again the ingeminated game of well-known misunderstandings between Trip and T'Pol.
I know; they were thus on the screen, so they have to be thus in Fanfic.
But, as people know,I disagree with that.
I appreciate very much the effort to write all these missing scenes, but (and obviously  I am talking for me), every time I try to read one of them, I remain always with the same taste in the mouth: really do people think that our couple has to be like this?
On the other hand I must admit: Season One and Season two were really feeble and unconvincing and trying to draw from them something really agreeable  is very hard.
I appreciate your effort, Alelou, and evidently the majority appreciates also the outcome.
Forgive, please, my lonely voice, but this time - I don't know the reason - I felt that it was unfair to be silent.
It wouldn't have given justice to your mastery.


He keeps the dog as a sexual partner? Brilliantly funny exchange, loved it.  I don't think Trip considers Archer or he really have a hope in hell with T'Pol, he says as much, poor lonely Trip.  Great missing scene!


Thanks.  I have to say I don't see this scene as Trip stepping aside.  Trip thinks there's no point to stepping anywhere, because he doesn't think T'Pol would seriously entertain ANY Human suitor.  He's trying to talk himself out of his own private infatuation -- and if he has just discovered he shares it with his CO, that's just another reason to put the kabosh on it.  (I also don't think he would have asked Archer if he was jealous in Fusion if he thought there was any chance Archer actually was jealous... at least not the way he asked it.) 

Saddened Monkey is also right that this is Season Two... it isn't going to be chocolate and roses. 


Unlike some of the other posters, I think it's entirely within Trip's character to step aside if he thought Archer was interested in T'Pol. One needs only look at how he swallowed his hurt & pain when she got married to Koss to see that he's pretty self-sacrificing. I do have to disagree slightly with your assertion that Trip never saw Archer act interested in T'Pol: remember his question about Archer being jealous in "Fusion" when the captain was grumbling about T'Pol spending time with Tolaris?

The bittersweet ending fits in nicely with the general lack of Trip/T'Pol interactions in season 2, and I'd again expect Trip to sort of just take a step back from this point on since he believes that Archer is interested in T'Pol and she hasn't entirely rebuffed the notion of reciprocating said attracting with how she responded.


I enjoy reading TnT talk here with Trip's inner monologue ("She would probably appreciate a Vulcan-style meal without conversation" and "Or perhaps not").
I love that you depicted TnT relationships as the one on the stage of the possibility of discussing such personal questions and that Trip tried to clarify Archer's behavior impartially and did not succumb to temptation venting his own frustrations. And you showed Trip's reaction on Archer's implied intentions toward T'Pol very vivid with this kaleidoscope of the images in Trip's head. I adore the moment when he start to list T'Pol's attractive qualities. But I disagree that Trip might abandon his interest in T'Pol for CAPTAIN's sake. It is possible that he may do it for his friend's sake but I really think that while the object of the pursuit did not express her/his verdict every friend may try to become the significant one. It is a fair game. Above all the captain must exemplify the best behavior. And Trip knows that his captain is sufficiently good in this aspect.
Trip's explanations of the role of Porthos in Archer's life were very amusing.
Thank you for such thought-provoking and entertaining scene!
My favorite line is "The captain had swallowed his pride, or whatever it was".


I really enjoyed this scene, the little details you added and the explanation about the dog was very good. But one thing at the end bugged me. On one hand we have Archer who uses his power as captain to bring T'Pol is a very difficult position and by which she is very uncomfortable with. She want to talk about this with Trip. We have seen in the scenes before they have created a good friendship and are aware for themselves there is an attraction. So I don't think, based on my own experience with a Triplike guy, Trips reaction (he is okay with Archers behaviour) isn't very like a man would do or what T'Pol was looking for. Unless he doesn't care about T'Pol at all and based on earlier scenes that doesn't ring true. Of course, Trip is a too loyal friend for Archer and TnT are not together, but I wonder if Trip would simply handle T'Pol to Archer without any protest, especially after the sentence when you decribe he is lonely and likes T'Pol a lot. Haven't said this, this scene still have that wonderful feeling that all your missing scenes has and I loving them.


"He keeps the dog as a sexual partner?"

I almost spit my water all over the comuter when I read that one!:D



Why should  Trip give Archer a free shot at T-Pol just because he  is Captain. Rank doesn't have THAT much privalege.

Trip should beat his own drum. Let T-Pol know that he is around too.  Archer has Porthos that is enough. Trip needs something too and T-Pol would seem to fit te bill nicely.

Besiees, as a female on this board said "Archer is  too creepy."



I love that Trip is loyal to his friend. This is a very attractive quality in a guy. He doesn't blame his friend for whatever happened. He defends him or at least excuses him, though he could gain by reacting with alarm. I like the misunderstanding about the dog. And I LOVE the perfect sad ending. Don't you just want to go give the poor guy a hug? He most certainly deserves one.

(MMmmm . . . thinking of my new avatar. Yes, I most definately do want to go give Trip a hug. 00000)


Aw.  Poor lonely Trip.


Awwww. Trip is lonely. And he likes T'Pol. Very sweet.

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