By Aquarius

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A/N:  This is my response for the April 2009 Word Prompt challenge, "Anticipation"

It's warm in Phlox's office. I don't know if he turned up the heat so T'Pol would be comfortable, or if it's just my nerves.

She's got her hands folded in her lap, and she just stares at them quietly, like she's done the last two times.

Two tries. Two disappointments.

We don't dare hope.

But maybe this time...

It's not like T'Pol and I wouldn't have a happy life even if we didn't have a baby. I love her and she loves me, and we both know that's all we really need.

But I made her a promise, that when we got married and were stationed dirtside, I'd give her all the babies she wanted, if Phlox could find a way to make it happen. So here we are. Again.

It's not like we're the only couple in the world that needs help having a baby, but for us, it's really a whole new ballgame-which genes of mine to keep, which genes need to be T'Pol's so we don't end up with a miscarriage, and how to combine them so our kid can grow up without all kinds of problems. Phlox says there's no reason why it shouldn't be possible and, God love him, he's been busting his ass all along, trying to get all the answers.

It's been an awful lot of hoops to jump through, but it's worth it. She's worth it.

What the hell is taking so long?

I can't help it any more. I reach out and grab T'Pol's hand. She's too logical and rational and proud to admit it, but when she looks up at me I can tell the suspense is killing her, too.

I wink and crack a smile-I have to say it, for her sake, if not my own. "They say third time's a charm, hon."

I'm expecting her to tell me all about myself here, how I'm illogical and superstitious and intractable and everything.

Instead she just nods, tracing her thumb back and forth over my wedding band.

It's definitely taking a lot longer than last time. That's gotta be a good sign.










I like it! thanks.


This is just lovely. It captures a brief moment in time perfectly.


That's incommensurably lovely!:)


"Instead she just nods, tracing her thumb back and forth over my wedding band." Loved that line. You caught the anticipation very well and I really like the way you protrayed Trip.


I imagine this is a common scene for infertile couples, the intense waiting to hear if they were successful THIS time.  Nicely done.


Awwwhhhh! I love it. Short and to the point :) I missed it the first time out on the forum.

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