Carbon Creek

By Kotik

Rating: PG

Genres: missing scene


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Authors Note: This is not a missing scenes collection in the strict sense, it's more like a framework with a prolog and an epilog for the episode, which we saw on TV.

"Ah, Commander," Phlox mused as Commander Tucker strode into sickbay. "What can I do for you this time?"

"I need to know if alcohol is dangerous to Vulcans or if it has any lasting effects on them."

"No, it has no lasting effect on them, unless consumed in large amounts over a considerable period of time. May I ask why you need this information? Do you suspect that Subcommander T'Pol is drinking?"

"Don't worry, Phlox. I don't think she ever drank alcohol. Today is T'Pol's first anniversary as an Enterprise crew member. The Cap'n thinks she might wanna join us in a toast on the occasion, but I want to be sure that she won't end up here," Trip answered.

"That is very thoughtful of you. Untrained Vulcans don't have much tolerance for alcohol. I will have to depend on your judgment to make sure that even if she allows herself to drink alcohol, the amount must not be excessive. The effects of inebriation do not show up as quickly on a Vulcan as they do with humans, so at the first signs that she is having trouble speaking or moving steadily, make sure that she does not drink any more alcohol."

"It's only a toast during the evening meal with the Cap'n and me. We don't plan to introduce her to binge-drinking, Doctor. You said untrained Vulcans...?"

"With sufficient training Vulcans can exercise a fascinating amount of control over their bodily functions. They can fall into a near-death trance to heal themselves, among other things and with enough experience they are virtually resistant to the intoxicating effects of alcohol and other substances. However it takes many years to master the art, and Subcommander T'Pol is nowhere near old enough to have sufficient experience."

"Thank you, Phlox." Trip nodded and left sickbay.

Not old enough, huh? Maybe she'll tell me this time...



Trip was surprised about the nod from T'Pol, when the Captain raised the bottle in her direction in an unspoken offer to join the toast this time. Usually he had accepted her refusal of alcohol, but in his opinion her first anniversary merited an exception.

"Ever drank that stuff?" Trip whispered to her with a slightly concerned expression, while the Captain was busy opening the bottle.

"No," T'Pol answered in a low voice.

"Better be careful then. Phlox says you guys can't take much of it."

She nodded and made a mental note to ask him, why he was discussing the effects of ethanol on Vulcans with Phlox.

Captain Archer came around to fill the glasses. "Say when," he instructed as he began to pour the wine into her glass.

"When," she replied after only about one inch and Trip had to fight hard to avoid laughing out loud.

T'Pol was just starting to tell about T'Mir's visit to the patent office, when Trip noticed that T'Pol's eyes were starting to become glassy and unfocused. Seemingly what amounted to maybe one and a half glass of wine was all it took to make this particular Vulcan tipsy.

Just in that second Archer took the bottle to refill her glass. Suddenly Trip's foot made contact with the Captains shinbone. The engineer shook his head ever so slightly. Archer noticed the attempt at covert communication and put the bottle back down. He made no attempt to ask the reason for this; that could wait until later.

When T'Pol left for her quarters, Trip noticed, that she was staggering slightly. He had been observing her intently all the time - one could call it ogling - so it had not escaped his attention.

"Care to explain to me, why you start kicking me, Trip?" the Captain asked as he split the remainder of the bottle's content between his and Trip's glasses.

"Well, I've become quite good at reading her lately and I saw she'd had about enough. You know how she is. If anybody had seen her wasted, it would have given her fits. I don't like her 'superior' image that she's so hell bent to keep up, but she's starting to get along better with everybody. We shouldn't undo all that by making her lose control."

"Well, you must have gotten very good at reading her. I didn't notice anything until I saw that wobble before she left. I didn't know that Vulcans can't take alcohol. You might have saved her dignity just in time," Archer said in bewilderment.

"I hope so. Good to know we're better than the Vulcans at something, though. Y'know, it's fun yanking her chain, but embarrassing her would be crossing the line," Trip chuckled.

"It's been a long day, Trip. Guess we better catch some sleep ourselves," Archer said as he left the mess with Trip in tow.

Unlike the Captain, however, who went straight to his quarters, Trip made a stop on the bridge. "Ensign," he addressed the young crew member, who manned the graveyard shift on the tactical station. "Can you scan for Subcommander T'Pol? We've got an issue with the long range sensors."

"The Subcommander is in her quarters. She's probably asleep. Her position matches the coordinates of the bunk, sir."

"How do you know where the Subcommander's bunk is Ensign?" Trip asked wide-eyed.

"All quarters have the same layout, sir and I know where mine is." the Ensign answered with a smile.

"Dammit, guess I'll have to work it out myself. Thanks, good eyes Ensign." Trip left the bridge and headed towards sick bay. With the safety of knowing that she made it home in one piece, it was time to take care of the morning hangover.

"Ah, Commander, what can I do for you?" the Doctor asked, while he kept feeding the inhabitants of his formidable zoo.

"Doctor, uh... do Vulcans have hangovers?"

That got the doctor's attention. "Is Subcommander T'Pol inebriated?"

"Dunno. Well, she staggered a bit when she left and since you told me it shows slowly with them, I'm a bit worried that it might get worse."

"How much did the Subcommander drink?"

"'Bout a glass an' a half of burgundy."

"Ah, there's nothing to worry about. That's merely enough to mildly unsettle an inexperienced Vulcan, but I'll look after her. Human headaches in the morning are nothing in comparison to what a Vulcan has to expect. I'm sure she'll appreciate your concern. Good night, Commander."

"Thanks, Phlox."

"Come in," T'Pol answered weakly, when the door chime rang.


"Doctor? I was about to call you, but how did you know that I am experiencing problems?"

"Well, a very worried Chief Engineer took care of that. Do you feel any symptoms of intoxication?"

"I'm experiencing dizziness."

"Why didn't you come to sick bay directly?"

"I was not experiencing it when I returned. It only started recently."

"I understand. Don't worry, I'll give you a mild sedative, and I'll leave you a hypospray for the headache in the morning." Phlox explained, while he injected the sedative.

"Thank you Doctor."

"My pleasure. Good night, Subcommander."

* * *

"Tea, chamomile."

T'Pol's keen eye soon spotted the chief engineer, sitting on a table on the far side of the mess hall. As the doctor had predicted, she felt less than fresh when she woke up and the pain subsided only after she had injected herself with the hypospray that the doctor had left her as a precaution.

"May I?" she asked.

"Of course. You ok?"

"I am fine. Thanks to you, as I was informed. I am most grateful for your consideration. May I ask the reason for your discussion with Doctor Phlox?"

"Well, wasn't meant to be nosy or anything. I just thought, since you Vulcans don't usually drink alcohol, you probably won't have much experience with it. And trust me, the last thing you need is being seen staggering about the corridor with 20 degrees of list."

"In contrast to me, you appear to have ample experience."

I'll be damned! Is she teasing me? Trip thought with amusement. "Well, I have, Subcommander. Happened during the Warp 2 program, shortly after I met the Cap'n for the first time. We were in 602 and, well, we had more than one beer too much. God knows how I made it back to the quarters. I sprawled into a heap right in the corridor and most of my colleagues got a nice laugh out of seeing me trying to get to my feet again. I thought I would never hear the end of it. They teased me for weeks about it."

"I shall mention your most thoughtful use of previous experience to avert danger from a fellow crew member in the next crew evaluation, Commander" T'Pol said and shot him an ominous look over the top of her cup.

Dammit, she did it again! He thought and failed to hide a smile.




I like this!  You think of some very interesting aspects to explore.  There was a mention by Spock in a TOS episode that his father's people not having the effects of alcohol that Humans have.  I can't remember the exact wording, but it was ambiguous, so could be taken many different ways.  I am not sure in any of the movies or series if they mentioned anything about Vulcans and alcohal, except I think in TNG someone mentions Vulcans making wine.  Not sure if that was just for export or not, LOL.   


It's humorous and still delicate, and it is delicious the way you described T'Pol's unaware drunkenness, and Trip's care for her. His attention.:D
Very well done!:p


You convinced me that a tipsy Vulcan was possible, I loved this one.

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