The Tragic Last Moments

By AussieSheila

Rating: PG

Genres: angst dark drama general romance

Keywords: bond character death marriage

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Summary: The title says it all...


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Authors notes: Please read and review, I'm just a rookie at this so any constructive criticism is great, but I'm only young so not too harsh. And just so ya know, English isn't my strongest subject, so let me know of any errors and enjoy!



His image started fading. He was on his way to the other side. As much as this pains me, it is a natural part of life. Trip looked at me with those brilliant blue eyes and said, "I love you."

I closed my eyes and whispered passionately, "And I you, Ashayam." Seeing him lying in sickbay, dying, was pushing the limits on the small amount of emotional control I still possessed; so I brought him to the white room, where he looked perfectly fine.

He smiled weakly at me and took a deep breath. Talking made him strain too much so I discouraged it. But he had to say something, "It makes have ma...last few minutes here...with you. Couldn't 've asked...fer anythin' better... ..."

My lips found his as I cut him off and they locked in a passionate embrace. I could tell that it took him a lot of work to open his eyes when he stared at me with that piercing gaze of his.

"Please don't leave me, Trip," I pleaded desperately.

An exhausted Trip said heavily, "It's time for me to let go, I've had too many miraculous recoveries. But this is it; I've finally reached my limit. I'll wait for ya, darlin'. I'll see ya on the other side, hopefully not fer a very long time. I want ya to move on without me, get married, kids and have a long life n' all that. Please grant me that final wish. I love ya, darlin' happy."

He started to fade again and he couldn't stay there this time. Trip vanished from the white space.

I forcefully collapsed on my knees and did a very un-Vulcan thing... I started to cry. I knew calling out to him was illogical but I irrationally hoped he was still alive somehow, but I received no answers. My emotions had never been in this much turmoil before. Then there was the worst headache of my life, the severed bond literally killing me.  But I convinced myself to be strong and carry on, fulfilling my th'yla's wishes.




30 Years Later


I did not see the logic in writing down the details of his death but it gave me a small sense of relief. Those words still sound in my ears, so clear as if spoken yesterday. After 30 years, his lack of presence still hurts as much as it did that day. I attempt to not dwell on the 'what if' aspect but my mind knows what it wants. I am now a married woman with 2 children, and I cherish my children, despite the fact they are not Trip's. I whispered to myself, "You won't be waiting as long as you think. You were the only one for me."

Goodbye my family, I cherish you dearly, but I have always belonged to Trip. Peace and long life.





T'Pris finished reading the letter and called out, "Father, come quick. I believe mother is dead."

S'vor bowed his head solemnly and said to the corpse of T'Pol, "May your katra lay with Surak and find happiness."

T'Pris had been studying Shakespeare and she found some comfort in the fact that her mother was now with her Romeo.



Succcinct and emotionally satisfying, this alternate future of T'Pol still focused on Trip though he was no longer there.     


i thought it was good and sad. like how she carried on after he died but  still loved him the same. i believe you did a good job. liked it. continue to write more.


It's not my cup of tea what you did of T'Pol after Trip's death, but this doesn't mean that your little fic isn't  worth, The exact contrary, to tell the truth. Very well done.:D My compliments to you.;)


heyy, thanks for all your comments, they're really valuable to me. and don't worry about offending me, i have very thick skin, so don't hold back and speak your mind!


No, deathfic is not my favorite so I didn't enjoy this very much. That said, I do see wonderful potential in your writing - and your passion is shining through - but this is over the top melodramatic for my taste. But please do keep writing and finding the voice of the characters. I look forward to reading more things you write. 


Welcome to our new author and our thousandth story!


Trip's accent's laid on a bit thick and suicide is out of character for T'Pol as I see her, but this is a creditable first attempt.  I can see the teen thought processes working.  Very melodramatic.  You killed them BOTH off and yet you still got encouraging reviews from this crowd.  I'm impressed. 


You did a very nice job with your first story.  Congratulations.  :D  It was interesting that you took the story beyond Trip's death to show its long-term effect on T'Pol.  

It's too bad that T'Pol's love for Trip prevented her from having the close relationship with S'Vor that her mother had with her father.  S'Vor must have been a very understanding husband, but then we all know that Vulcans don't experience jealousy. 

I look forward to reading your next story. ;)


Am I mistaken, or did T'Pol commit suicide? She was very young to have died naturally. Very good first effort, hope to see very much more from you.


Great first story. I am not wild about Trip Death stories. I have refcsuecad many and didn't like one

Ressurect him and keep him alive.  Oh, and  don't kill T-Pol


Oh Sweetie you made me all teary. I should tell you that's not easy. And I have to say that normally I don't like Vulcans crying all that much, BUT there are exceptions Trip dying is one of them. And you did it very right, not over done, not grandeous, just simple, honest, and real. In fact the whole thing is simple and real. AWESOME job Sweetie, can't wait for the next one. Congrads on being 1000!


Very good. Short, heartbreaking first scene and a few but meaningfull lines about T'Pols life after Trips death. Less says more.

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